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Call for Papers

STS Forum on the 2011 Fukushima/East Japan Disaster
3.11 Virtual Conference: Building a Bridge to Disaster Studies
An online pre-circulated papers workshop, with scheduled open comment period
11-14 March 2013
All contributors welcome!

We welcome all scholars and others with an interest in STS perspectives on the 2011 Fukushima/East Japan Disaster to present their work via this online conference, modeled after our very successful event last year. Work-in-progress is actively encouraged. Indeed, because our digital platform gives us considerable flexibility, we welcome all manuscripts ranging from “extended abstracts” (from around 800 words in length) that simply lays out a research program; to “empirical” papers describing current field work in Japan; to finished manuscripts. Our goal is to provide a forum in which all scholars can connect with one another and receive feedback on their work. (For manuscripts over 1800 words, please also plan on submitting a summary or précis that can provide an accessible entry into your manuscript.) Samples of last year’s manuscripts (indeed, all of them) can be found at last year’s conference site.

Please send me (Atsushi) an initial email ( if you are interested in submitting something for the Virtual Conference so we can gauge the interest. Manuscripts will be due by 4 March 2013, so we have time to upload them. The material you submit will be permanently archived so that they can be cited as a published conference proceeding. (On the other hand, they can be removed at any point after the conference at the author’s request, especially if this is required by a publisher during future publication of your material.)

We are also looking for volunteers to help set up and moderate the Virtual Conference. If you’re interested, please reply to me directly at

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