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Information for Contributors

The Virtual Conference is being run on a WordPress platform that will allow public comment. As such, the your manuscript will be posted publicly for the duration of the workshop. You may ask to have it permanently archived there (as a published and citable conference proceeding), or ask to have it removed at the end of the conference or at any point in the future should you need to do so for subsequent publication. Because we’re using a WordPress, we also have a couple of formatting requests that will make the task of uploading manuscripts much easier for us!

Deadline Reminder

  • 4 March 2013

Formatting Guidelines

  • Please list title, name, and institutional affiliation at the beginning of the paper
  • Please include a 2-line biosketch (Name, title/position, institution; Research area and 1 or 2 major publications) at the end. (Example:)
    • Atsushi Akera is Associate Professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer (USA). He works on the history of engineering education reform, and has also published on the history of computing, including Calculating a Natural World: Scientists, Engineers and Computers during the Rise of U.S. Cold War Research (MIT Press, 2006).
    • For subheadings, simply use Boldface, with one empty line above & below
    • Please limit your paper to 4-5 tables and/or images, if any, since we need to upload each manually
    • As several people did last year, you can, if you wish, also send us up to three or four supporting documents, links, maps, images, and other things to upload (if needed) and link to from your paper. We will normally place this link at the start of the paper, under title/author, but if you need a different placement, please tell us where the links should appear.
      • (Please make sure you have the copyright,  have obtained permission, or that the item/image has no copyright or falls within the realm of fair use.)
      • Please use endnotes, not footnotes, if any, since the paper will be converted to HTML format
      • If providing a list of references, please place these at the end under the subheading, “Works Cited” (or “List of References” if you are not citing all references.)
      • There is no limit to manuscript length, but IF you are sending a full manuscript that is greater than 1800 words in length, please remember to also send us a summary or précis (of between 1000-1800 word in length), as indicated in our call for papers. This is necessary to make the Virtual Conference work.

Manuscript Submission

  • The 3.11 Virtual Conference website is being managed by James Wilcox and Jennifer de Souza here at Rensselaer. When your manuscript is ready, please email it to James at
  • We can accept manuscripts in almost any standard editable format (.doc, .docx, .rtf); please DO NOT use pdf, since we cannot extract the text to upload it into WordPress.
    • (Exception: if you are sending a summary or précis along and a longer manuscript, the longer manuscript may be in pdf; we will simply upload and create a link to the manuscript.)
  • Either he or Jennifer may be back in touch if they have any problems with the upload, or have any questions for you.
  • Please make sure to let us know if you would like us to take the manuscript down at the end of the conference, or if it okay to leave it up. (You can ask to have it removed at any point in the future.)

Participation & Publicity

  • The key to the success of the Virtual Conference is everyone’s participation. Participation will be via the WordPress site itself, via the comments that everyone posts at the end of each manuscript during the “conference” itself. (This worked very well last year.)
  • We will have facilitators who will be actively encouraging people to post, and managing the conversations as appropriate.
  • When we circulate an announcement about the Virtual Conference, please forward it to everyone you know who may be interested in everyone’s papers
  • Please plan on reading and commenting on everyone’s manuscripts during the open comment period (March 11-14), which is to say, the conference itself!
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