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Closing Reflections

Reflective writing is an integral part of this workshop, and your thoughts below will serve as the basis for the workshop report that we submit to NSF.

First, please spend five minutes reflecting on, and posting answers to the following questions:

  • What were your goals for this workshop? What, in reality, did you get out of the workshop?
  • Separately, what do you think may be the most promising and/or challenging “next steps” for the Forum?
  • (Please post your reflections here.)

We will then spend some time discussing various ideas in small groups and as a whole.

If you wrote up your small group reflections on what major idea (and 2 additional ideas) you have going forward, please post them here.

Finally, for the closing reflections, we will be developing questions, as a group, during the workshop for everyone to answer. We will then create separate pages for you to post your response to each question. (This site will be updated with these questions below.)

  • Question 1: What are the different methods and venues for making this an interventionist project? What are the different approaches for making our work relevant to the affected communities and those who may benefit from our work in the future? (Post reply here)
  • Question 2: How is our work productive for the next generation of young scholars (in Japan, US and Europe, and elsewhere)? (Post reply here)
  • Question 3: Given our conversations, and other scholarship that you’re aware of, what publications would you like to see moving forward? (e.g. What journal special issues, topics, edited compilations, symposia, outreach efforts, etc…) Are there non-publication ‘or non-traditional/non-academic outputs beyond those that you’ve already identified in response to Question 1? (Post reply here)
  • Question 4: How might the study of disasters reinvigorate and/or challenge Science and Technology Studies? Can the study of specific disasters provide a basis for new work in Disaster STS that can help us understand other disasters, and intervene, in turn, in our material and emotional preparations and response to future disasters? (And please feel free to reformulate this last question, if a different question needs to be posed instead.) (Post reply here)

We ask that you begin to answer these questions during the time provided during the workshop, and then to refine your answer, following further reflection and an examination of other workshop participants’ responses.

(If you wish, you may also submit your comments in private to We wil then distribute your comments to workshop participants only (default), or, if you indicae, keep keep it confidential to the PI and co-PIs (Akera, Carson, Fortun, Matsumoto), drawing from it anonymously and only in general terms in our final report.)

You may also post other thoughts that emerge out of this general session, or thoughts (feedback) related to the workshop as a whole via comments on this page.

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