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Plenary I: Disaster STS (Frickel)

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  1. Sharon Traweek permalink

    The structure and organization of social movements in the US of the last 35 years have been shaped by two anti-nuclear power plant movements: Abalone Alliance and Clamshell Alliance.

    Abalone Alliance [1977-85]
    It was organized against the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, California
    See also: San Onofre nuclear power plant, California
    Apr 30, 2013: A safety engineer from the San Onofre nuclear power plant has warned that “there is something grossly wrong” with the plant and that it faces the prospect of a full or partial meltdown if it is restarted. The safety engineer, who has worked in the nuclear field for 25 years, told ABC 10 that due to broken tubes carrying scalding water, there could easily be a main steam line break, which would cause the nuclear reactor core to overheat and result in a Fukushima-like meltdown. The Los Angeles City Council last week demanded that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission refrain from making a decision about restarting the San Onofre unit until it conducts a “prudent, transparent and precautionary” investigation. Days after the unanimous city council decision, an insider from the San Onofre plant spoke to the media for the first time about the dangers associated with a restart. …

    Clamshell Alliance [1976- present]
    It was organized against the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant

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