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Reflections at Beginning of Day 2 (Reflective Writing)

Reflective writing is an integral part of this workshop, and your thoughts below will serve as the basis for the workshop report that we submit to NSF.

  1. What themes do you feel were emerging yesterday? Of these, which should we try to develop more today? (Post your reply)
  2. What are some of the gaps in our conversation? What have we not addressed, or what have we skirted around that we need to speak about more explicitly? (Post your reply)
  3. Keeping in mind that the goal of this workshop is to develop a (common) research agenda and to define future directions for our (not individual, but collective) research, what do you see as the emergent directions in which we need to go as a field or defined area of study? (Post your reply)
  4. What can we do to strengthen the bridge between scholars working (on Fukushima-East Japan / disasters) in Japan and those studying disasters in the US, Europe, and elsewhere? Intellectually, theoretically, and empirically, where are the opportunities for us to learn more from what others are doing and how they understand and frame their analyses? (Post your reply)


Once you post your responses to all of the questions, please feel free to peruse through what other people have posted and post your replies to their posts.

Hope you’re all enjoying your morning!

– Atsushi

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