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Workshop Format

(Preliminary Information Only)

Our workshop is based on a format originally used at a 2006 International Network for Engineering Studies (INES) meeting in Blacksburg, Virginia (USA), and will include the following components:

  • In addition to the opening plenary session, we anticipate having five (5) sessions (~75 minutes each), with 4 or 5 papers assigned to each session, as organized around a specific topic or theme.
  • Authors will not present their own paper, but there will be two assigned respondents for each paper, who will provide brief (2 minute) introductions to, and commentary on each paper. There will also be one additional respondent who will describe how the other papers not assigned to the session relate to the session’s theme.
  • The bulk of the time during each session will then be dedicated to open conversations about all of the papers that relate to a given session.
  • In addition, there will be several, shorter “conceptual sessions” for discussing specific concepts and ideas.
  • The focus of our workshop is on defining new research agendas in the study of the 2011 East Japan Disaster, and the field of disaster studies more generally. As such, reflective writing, both during and after the workshop, will be an integral part of our workshop.
  • We will also close the workshop with a 2-hour structured conversation about research agendas, publication strategies, and future meetings.

Per our proposal to NSF, and as noted above, there will be additional sessions and alloted time for reflective writing, with the goal of defining future research agendas and strategies for public and policy engagement as related to the 2011 Fukushima / East Japan Disaster. We also intend to use part of the time to discuss publications strategies for those doing research in this area. All participants will also be asked to submit additional reflections as related to future research agendas following the workshop. Further details are forthcoming.

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